Tell your story

Easily add stories to your diary in our online editor or app, which have been designed to look like an actual book. Choose from numerous fonts and styles to design your diary according to your own taste.

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Fill layouts with photos

After adding a text, you can continue formatting your chapter by choosing different layouts. Choose from 38 layouts and fill them with your most beautiful photos.

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Add empty boxes

Not all of our memorable keepsakes are digital, like an ultrasound photo or even a hospital wristband. Leave space in your diary with empty boxes so that you can paste these keepsakes into your printed book.

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Share your diary

You are in charge of choosing which – or if any at all – of your chapters you share publicly with friends and family. Once you share them, they are automatically converted into an online blog which can be sent around to those you love.

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Order a beautiful book with just one click.

  • Hardcover & softcover
  • 2 sizes: A4 and A5
  • (Luxury) matt & high gloss paper
  • From 24 up to 298 pages

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