This is how you can make a family book yourself

Immortalise your family history in a family book, whether it's the first year of your child's life or the history of many generations. With a book of your family history, stories and photos will never be lost. At Baby Diaries you can easily make a family book yourself.

Your great-grandparents, your grandparents, your parents, your children, as well as yourself, all have a unique story to tell. Collect many years of memories and share them using words and pictures in a family book, a book allowing you to tell the story of one or more generations.

Capturing your baby's life story

The life story of a new generation in your family began with the birth of your child. The first twelve months are full of special moments and first times. Record these using images and words in a baby book for when your child is older. This way, you can browse through this special time together and record your story for your (great) grandchildren.

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Capture the life stories of your children

Recording your children's life story doesn't have to stop after the first year. You can also make a beautiful book from the following years. Describe your child's funny sayings and actions and, include hilarious photos. You can also record the moments when you felt moved, proud or irritated in a book for later. Make such a book for every year of life or merge several years into one book.

Are your children already older, but do you still have plenty of old photos? Have them digitized and turn it into a nice digital album. Order extra copies of your book at a discount so you can hand them out to the whole family.

The first year of your child captured in a baby diary

Summarize all childhood in a family book

Reminisce back to all their childhoods in a Baby Diaries family book. Collect the best photos from their first eighteen years of life and provide them with fun anecdotes. Insert so-called "empty boxes" in our software, where you can stick tickets, tickets, and other mementos. A photo book depicting the entire childhood is a great gift for your parents or for your children. Easily order multiple copies of your book, so you can keep your own copy to reminisce.

Record your life story in a family book

Collect the most valuable photos from a person's entire life. Record your own life story, or that of someone else, in a family book. Find photos with a story and provide them with anecdotes about that time. Do not forget to also look between the slides and old prints and have them digitized. You can photograph old prints with your phone and upload them directly into our software.

Upload photos into your diary on web or mobile

Do you want to immortalize the life story of your parents or grandparents in a family book? Search together for photos from the past and listen to the stories. Make a family history book so the memories are never lost.

Immortalize family history in a family book

Also, record the stories of several generations in a family book. Create a kind of family tree using images and stories. Dive into the archives of family members and search for stories passed down from generation to generation. Maybe someone still has old documents or diaries of your ancestors in the attic. You can do family tree research on the internet or in the library. Immerse yourself in the time of your ancestors to make the most complete story possible. Provide your story with photos and do not forget to name yourself and your (grand) children in the story.

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Make your own family book

You can make your own family book quickly and easily via the Baby Diaries software. You don't have to be a digital expert to work with our software. You choose the layout, add photos and write your stories and we take care of the rest. This is how it works:

1. Create a Baby Diaries account

2. Optionally download the Baby Diaries app for Android and iOS so you can work on your book on the go and upload photos directly from your phone

3. Think of a title for your book (you can change this later)

4. Write your stories

5. Upload your photos

6. Choose the layout yourself: which page layout do you like best?

7. Choose the font and text color

8. Save your book and share it with family members for feedback if desired

Have your family book printed

We can print your family book professionally from 24 pages. The ordering process is also not complicated. Go through your book one last time and click on the order button when you are ready. Choose the format in which you want the book printed and enter the number of copies you want. You can choose from a softcover or hardcover book. You get a 10% discount on each additional copy. For € 5.95 extra you will also receive your book as a PDF so that you can email it to (other) family members. The production time is up to five working days for a hardcover or softcover book. Depending on the speed of the mail delivery, you will have your family album in your hands after a week.

Tip: a family book is also nice to give as a gift to grandpa and grandma!

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