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Your pregnancy is an unforgettable time in your life. To make sure you don't forget the unique moments of that time, you can keep a pregnancy diary. We give you tips for easily keeping such a pregnancy diary with our Baby Diaries software.

The first time you can't close the button on your pants, the first ultrasounds, and the first time you feel your baby kicking in your stomach. You want to capture these moments forever so that you can relive these special nine months whenever you want.

What is a pregnancy diary?

A pregnancy diary is a diary in which you keep track of all the developments of your pregnancy. Such a book is also called a nine-month book or pregnancy book. Take pictures, write stories, and collect ultrasounds and congratulations cards from loved ones. In your pregnancy diary, you put all this together into a beautiful book with which you can reminisce about this special time for the rest of your life. As your children grow up, flip through the diary full of anecdotes about the first kicks, strange pregnancy cravings, and difficult pregnancy ailments together.

Look through your pregnancy diary together

Ideas for your pregnancy diary

Do you need some inspiration for your pregnancy diary? We are happy to help you:

• During your pregnancy, take a picture of your pregnant belly every week so that you can see it getting rounder in the photo series.

• Also stick your ultrasound photos in your book and don't forget to describe how it felt when you first felt your baby's heartbeat or when you first saw your child on the screen.

• Describe your strange pregnancy ailments. At the moment, you may not be too happy with your swollen ankles, pimples, or sudden pickle addiction. Once your baby is born, you will see that he/she was completely worth the hardship and you can laugh at your diary entries.

• Collect congratulatory cards from your loved ones and stick them in your pregnancy diary. This way you can later read how they experienced this special moment with you. You can of course also ask your loved ones to write a story for you or your baby in the pregnancy diary.

• Write down the craziest and best advice you received from other mothers. Maybe someone told you extensively about the benefits of giving birth while standing, while you really prefer to lie in bed. Or maybe someone gave you the tip that relieved you of that one pain.

• Describe in detail the unique situations you experience during pregnancy. With an increased amount of hormones, you are more emotional and forgetful. This often leads to situations that are (in retrospect) hilarious.

Tips for keeping your pregnancy diary

Now that you know what you want to paste and write in your pregnancy diary, you can get started. But how do you go about that? We give you a few tips:

• Make your pregnancy diary digital. With the Baby Diaries software, you fill your digital pregnancy diary via the website or the app on your phone for iOS and Android. This way you always have your diary at hand and you can play around with the layout later.

Work on your journal on your phone with Baby Diaries

• Write your diary moments in your agenda, set an alarm, or link them to an activity in your day. Chances are that you will start keeping your diary fanatically, but later on, you will increasingly forget to write when you are busy or feeling tired. Make an appointment with yourself to write at fixed times. For example, when your partner is cooking or just before going to bed.

• Keep your eyes on the price: You may not feel like updating your pregnancy diary every day or every week. Then try to imagine how much fun it would be to flip through your pregnancy book in a few years without missing a week or month.

• Collect all your paper keepsakes in a special folder. This way you can easily find everything when you have your pregnancy diary printed in your hands.

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Create a baby book in different sizes with Baby Diaries

A baby shower book

Are you looking for an original gift for a baby shower? Make a baby shower book together with the other guests. Ask everyone to fill in their predictions. What will the baby be called? When will the baby be born? What hair and eye color will the baby have? Have everyone add a personal message and cheerful photo and if necessary take a photo of you together to stick at the back of the baby shower book.

Easily make your baby shower book digital via Baby Diaries. Give the other participants in the baby shower the login details and ask everyone to fill in the questions, write a sweet message and add a photo. We ensure that your baby shower book is sent by post within four working days after ordering. Pack it up nicely and add a Baby Diaries gift card for a baby book before you give it to the expectant mother.

Create your own pregnancy diary

Making your own pregnancy diary is very easy using Baby Diaries. Thanks to our user-friendly software, you can put together a beautiful pregnancy diary in no time. Create an account and start directly with your book in the web application or mobile app for iOS and Android. Choose a layout for your pages and fill in the first text and photo boxes. Keep layouts empty for photos of your ultrasound and sweet cards from friends and family. You can choose whether you mainly fill your book with photos, texts, or a combination of both. Your book is automatically saved in the meantime. This way you can continue working from another device.

Work in the online Baby Diaries editor on different devices

Choose from the many fonts and text colors and check your book. Are you completely satisfied? Then decide whether you want to have it printed as a softcover or hardcover. Choose the desired format and click on the order button. It is possible to order the book as a beautifully formatted PDF for € 5.95 extra. Diaries are posted within 5 working days after ordering.

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Tip: give a pregnancy diary as a gift

You can of course also give a pregnancy diary or baby shower book to a mom-to-be. Order a gift voucher and add a nice card. Pack it all nicely and deliver it with a big smile on your face. Send an email to and let us know for what amount you want to order a gift voucher and what personal message can be added!

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